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I am looking for the best of the best Degrassi RPG'rs here. Only the best applications will be accepted. This isn't to appear snobbish in anyway, its simply to make sure that the rpg stays exciting and well written; in turn holding the interest and dedication of all members. If you're just starting out (unless you are an outstanding writer to begin with) this probably isn't the rpg for you. However I will read all applications and treat everyone's with equal fairness.

#01To maintain an active RPG, we ask that members update their character's LJ's at LEAST twice a week. Preferably every 4 or 5 days. This just helps to let everyone else in the RPG know where the characters are at, mindset wise.

#02Remember to comment! It adds to the fun of the game, and it shows that people are actually taking the time to read your journal. Of course sometimes the characters won't have anything to say to each other, but always comment where you feel its appropriate.

#03Even though your character might "hate" another character, for the RPG to work, we need to have everyone reading each other's journals. So if you are accepted, make sure you check this page; so you can add everyone accordingly.

#04You must have or be willing to download AIM. *Must be done by time of application* This is vital, as most conversations and chats take place using the program. No AIM, no RPG.

#05No Character Killing! At least not without having a very very in depth conversation with the mods. Even if you lose interest in a character, someone else might want to play them later on!

#06You must also add the community to your friend's list. You never know when an important announcement might be around the corner. Often will be used for school related event advertisements.

#07Don't like someone in the community personally? Deal with it. we arent here to bitch and moan, we are here to have fun and no OOC drama will be tolerated.

#08You can go off in new directions but YOU MUST remember to stay true to your character, especially their personality traits.

#09You must be at least 16 at the time of application. Do not bitch to me if you are under this age - this is a mature roleplay and on occasion there will be need for more mature content. Sorry.

#10When posting OOC (Out of Character) please remember to use ((brackets)) so you don't confuse anyone.

#11If you aren't going to be unable to post or be on AIM for more then a week, you must let the mods know.

#12To show you read the rules, title your application:
'if fun were people i would be china'(APPLICATIONS GO HERE)

The RPG is starting after the Season 6 episode "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" You must know the events of this episode and prior before application. After this episode we WILL NOT BE FOLLOWING THE SHOW'S STORYLINES. This is so we can do what we want with the characters and not have any outside influences.

Ellie Nash
Emma Nelson
Alex Nuñez
Jay Hogart
Hazel Aden
Manny Santos
Paige Michalchuk
Jimmy Brooks
Craig Manning
Gavin "Spinner" Mason
James Tiberius "JT" Yorke
Toby Isaacs
Liberty Van Zandt
Archie "Snake" Simpson
Christine "Spike" Nelson-Simpson
Joey Jeremiah
Caitlin Ryan
Peter Stone
Daphne Hatzilakos
Marco Del Rossi
Ashley Kerwin
Principal Daniel Raditch
Sean Cameron
Terri McGreggor
Danny Van Zandt
Dylan Michalchuk
Darcy Edwards
Mr. Armstrong
Kendra Mason
Ms. Kwan
Chris Sharpe
Chester Bloom
Angela Jeremiah
Aaron "Sully" Sullivan
Nadia Jamir

Currently NOT accepting applications for original characters. Once a few of the characters mentioned above are filled, we may reconsider.

Emma Nelson:x_simplyemma_x
Manny Santos:santos_smiles
AIM:Dance x Ins1de
Alex Nuñez:freakin_lexi
AIM: freakin lexi
Jay Hogart:stoned_hogart
AIM: Jay Did Your Mom
Ellie Nash:ellieology
Darcy Edwards:darcy_rocks_it
AIM: xflavaoftheweak
Ashley Kerwin:ashlyyk
AIM:ashley crashes

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